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Sensei Clive Randall
Sensei Joan Haywood
    Sensei Haywood  

I first became interested in karate after watching a demonstration by Bob Rhodes sensei’s K.U.G.B. club in Leeds.  There were all grades from white belts to dan grades and I was particularly impressed by the controlled power.  After the demonstration we were invited onto the floor and were shown a couple of basic moves.  My daughter, youngest son and myself joined the club the following week and are still enjoying our karate. My daughter, after a few years break to have children, is back and has just gained her shodan.  My son continued and is in the K.U.G.B. England squad.

In 1998 I left the Seki-ichi association and joined the A.M.A. and in 2000 I started my own club – the Shipley Shotokan Karate club.  Until recently I was being instructed by Mike Burnand sensei 7th Dan chief instructor of Zanshin-Kia of Great Britain with whom I gained my sandan, yondan and godan.


  From the beginning of 2010 Sensei Joan Haywood has been sucessfully running the club.  Sensei Haywood gained her experience whilst under the leadership of Sensei Mike Burnand (7th Dan) who originally studied Shotokan Karate whilst in the forces at the Royal Military Academy, Takashuku University, in Japan. 

Sensei Haywood trained for many years within the association Zanshin Kai of Great Britian.  The ZKGB is based in Leeds and had many clubs throughout  the UK and abroad with excellent instructors including Andy Cusac 5th Dan, Fred Fawcett 6th Dan and Les Charlesworth 6th Dan. Sensei Haywood was fortunate to have trained under the guidance of Andy Speight 4th Dan and Paul Durant 7th Dan, amongst others.
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